Jazz Institut Berlin – 23.11.2017

I’m enjoying being at the Eujam intensive course in Berlin, this Thursday we will perform what we’ve been working on together at the Jazz Institute Berlin and I believe it’s will be a concert to remember.

It was great playing with the EuJam crew, they are a really cool group of musicians with a lot of different backgrounds and influences, looking forward to play work more alongside them. Here’s a recording of my tune «Riddle Stay Riddle». Hope you enjoy it.

Leon Røsten: Composition/Piano
Anna Serierse: Vocals
Lukas Zabluonis: Tenor Saxophone
Pere Bujosa: Double Bass
Aaron Castrillo: Drums

Where is the Life – 14.05.2017

Where is the life? Fundraiser event for ‘refugee’ project – 14.05.2017

We have the pleasure of performing at my dear friends Katarina Grbic, Kadhla Kennedy and Mari Eriksen’s fundraiser  event at Hazel Court. For this one I’ll share some new music I’ve written for string quartet + jazz quartet. Unfortunately I haven’t got a hold of a quartet, but I rewrote it quickly for Branislav Grbic on violin who just happened to be a great musician hanging around. The money goes to the orginasation «Where is the Life». The main objectives of the organisation is to accompany asylum seekers and refugees, and to support them in their different empowering processes. They create spaces for exchanging experiences, fears and concerns, as they strengthen group cohesion and encourage community work.

Thanks for such a day, a lot of money was raised for a great cause and i was so much fun playing and pre-premiering my new piece. 

The George Tavern – 09.11.2016

Leon Røsten Odyssey will be performing at The George Tavern in East London the 9th of November.

It will be an exciting show with a lot of new material, followed by a groovy jam.
Bring your instruments, and we’ll see what happens.

It’s for free. 

The George Tavern – 373 Commercial Road, E1 0LA London, United Kingdom

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Westow House – 02.10.2016

Leon Røsten Odyssey is playing at Westow House in Crystal Palace, London Uk Sunday 2nd of October 14.00.
I’m lucky to have Rich Muscat with us on tenor and soprano sax for this performance. We will play set’s filled with a lot improvisation, exprementation and new material.

It’s for free, nice vibes, great beers and good food.

Hope to see you there.

Leon Røsten – Piano/Composer
Rich Muscat – Soprano/Tenor Saxophone
Leo Geller – El Bass
Ollie Futcher – Drums

Sjømannskirken in London – 05.06.2016

Leon Røsten Odyssey are excited to play their first church performance June the 5th in Sjømannskirken in London.

This concert was magical, such a nice space to play in, thank you so much to Sjømannskirken. Later that month we filmed and recorded another live session at there as well. Have a look and a listen, I hope you like it.

Leon Røsten – Composer/Pianist.
Seb Silas – Soprano Saxophone.
Andrea Rocha – Cello
Leo Geller – Bass
Ollie Futcher – Drums

Artist Nest 2 – 03.07.2016

We can’t wait for the second edition of The Artist’s Nest. This time Luka Vardiashvili, Katarina Grbic and I have had the pleasure of organizing the event, we’re praying that it won’t rain since we are thinking of having the music in the garden this time. Hope to see you there.

Here’s a video of us having a relaxed jam(rehearsal) in our back garden. What a lovely day to play.

Leon Røsten Odyssey – Our Heritage
Leon Røsten – Composition/Piano
Seb Silas – Soprano Saxophone
Leo Geller – Bass

Artist Nest 1 – 01.05.2016

We’re really looking forward to perform and arrange an art festival in our own space. This is an event where artists, dancers and musicians get to getter and create something special together.
please come down and enjoy great art, people, food and let’s not forget the music.

We had an amazing time, great atmosphere and a good amount of happy faces turned up. My friend and colleague (and creater of Artist’s Nest) Raimon Bolibar made a short film of the event, please have a look.

Leon Røsten: Composition/Piano
Leo Geller: Bass
Tom Miller: Drums
Raimon Bolibar: Organizing, filming and editing