Vejslev/Røsten – 24.08.2018 

Looking forward to play back in London with Kristoffer Vejslev 24th of September at Café Cairo. This is a truly magical place everyone should check out. I think it will be a really special night, especially since it’s the second live performance for me using Ableton Live. Here’s a link to our session in May, hope you enjoy it. 

Kristoffer Vejslev: Electric Guitar
Leon Røsten: Piano and Ableton Live


Photo: Ursula Blix

Chass Festival – 23.06.2018

We’re really happy to have the opportunity to play at Chazz Festival in the Netherlands this summer. 

It is going to be a beautiful day, we will be playing a concert among other bands all supporting The Maya Foundation. 

«13 Years ago The Maya Foundation and SOS De Ronde Venen decided to start generating money for the schooling of children in a country like the Maya Indian children in Guatemala, who had absolutely no way of getting any education. They live under the restriction of apartheid laws. No rights at all, no healthcare, no schooling, no buildings, no books, pens, paper, etc. In the past 12 years, a school building has been realized and some of the children in his school are ready for further education.»

Leon Røsten: Composition/Piano
Ben Fitzpatrick: Soprano Saxophone
Kristoffer Vejslev: Electric Guitar
Daniel Nagel: Double Bass
Love Ekenberg: Drums36175949_1714383201932363_3329745285386600448_o.jpg

Jan van Veen Fotografie


Dokkhuset – 26.04.2018

EuJam Spring Semester

I’m playing with my fellow students from the EuJam course in Dokkhuset Date.
We’ve worked really hard for this concert and we’re looking forward to show what we’ve been up to. 

It was a real pleasure playing alongside these great musicians, there was some magic moments, real improvisation and innovative compositions going on. 

I’m sharing a recording of my contribution to the concert, my composition Palmstrutt. It has never sounded this good before, and that’s all thanks to these crazy musicians playing along with me. I advise you all to check them and all their projects out.

Anna Serierse: Vocals
Lukas Zablionis: Vocals and Soprano Saxophone
Joshua Jawson: Alto Saxophone
Tyge Jessen: Trumpet
Andrej Ugoljew : Trombone
Leon Røsten: Compostion/Piano
Julius Windich: Rhodes
Jonathan Nagel: Double Bass
Pere Bujosa: Double Bass
Aaron Castrillo: Drums


Photo: David De Marez Oyens

Rotterdam/Trondheim 5 – 12.12.2017

I’m so happy to have been invited to play with these incredible musicians from the Netherlands and Sweden at Ila brannstasjon in Trondheim

It was a great experience to play with these beautiful people, thanks a lot.
I’ll share a recording from the concert, we’re playing my composition Lucid Dream, hope you enjoy it.


Sanne Rambags: Vocals
Jesse Schilderink: Tenor/Orgenazing/Photo Editing
Leon Røsten: Piano
Georgia Wartel Collins: Double Bass
Willem Romers: Drums