My name is Leon Røsten and I’m a Norwegian jazz pianist, guitarist, songwriter and composer. My main work is leading, performing and composing for my bands Leon Røsten Odyssey, Sonic Cycles, Swallows Nest and Røsten as well as collaboration in other projects such as Mari Eriksen/Leon Røsten, Jera and Vejslev/Røsten. My main goal is to express and share the music from within and hopefully touch the listener whilst creating  an interesting experience. 

Exchange Studies at Universitet der Künste, Jazz Institut Berlin 2018/2019
Exchange Studies at Conservatorium Von Amsterdam 2018
European Jazz Master in Jazzpiano at NTNU Trondheim 2017/2019
BA Performance and Production at London Centre of Contemporary Music 2012/2015

Leon Røsten Odyssey: Kaleidoscope 2018
Mimika Orchestra: Divinities Of The Earth And The Waters 2018
Vejslev/Røsten 2018
Jera: EP 2018
Leon Røsten Odyssey: A Day In A Life 2017
Leon Røsten Odyssey: Mandala 2017
Leon Røsten Odyssey: Interpretations 2016
Mimika: A Place Glowing Brilliantly Red 2015